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The Black Mall
All are welcome and encouraged to support 45 plus black creatives, artists and businesses at The Black Mall @BMOREBLACKMALL

About This Event

The best Black owned businesses all come together in one place for the BLACK MALL! Come through and support two floors of Black Baltimore Excellence.

We have paintings, artwork, sculpture, jewelry, clothes, crafts, books, fabric, bags, candles, african items, comics, treats, natural hair care, vintage ware, cultural items, gift items, desserts, food- vegan and non vegan and more.

Info on @thebaltimorescene on IG and @bmoreblackmall

*Please Follow The Black Mall on IG & Facebook under @BMOREBLACKMALL and follow this eventbrite page to support and stay updated

ALL are welcome and encouraged to bring their positivity and great energy to support our amazing vendors— To Vend Please Texr Chin-Yer @chinyer (pronounced Shin-Year) 443-248-2596


“it was phenomenal, beautiful people, beautiful space, great vendors-high quality products and services. Black people doing their thing! Thank you Chin-Yer for bringing us together to buy from each other, support each other, vibe with each other, commune with each other. Today was a great day. I was proud to be a vendor and proud to be in this space with Baltimore”-Tenecia Brown with The Oracle of Oracle Oils -vendor

“Lead with Excellence! The Black Mall was Phenomenal!! -Chin-Yer-Excellent Job”- D Chase

“I’m so excited to be here!!! I’ve only been here for ten minutes and I’ve already spent a hundred dollars”-Tobi Morris-shopper

“Hunni, I’m so damn proud of you..when the ancestors are involved, nothing can get in the way. Keep pushing and I’ll be at the next one.”-Tia Hamilton-owner of Urban Reads

“When I walked in, it was overwhelming to be surrounded with so much blackness in a very positive and wonderful way and I was thinking about how, I haven’t experienced this very often- seeing so many entrepreneurs and Black people doing their thing and with so much love, peace and good vibes in the atmosphere –to be in a place where everybody’s greeting you with brother and sister– it’s something that’s so humbling. I don’t know what I anticipated when I walked in but this is more than I could have ever hoped for and I just thank Chin-Yer” -Saleem of Saleem and The Music Lovers

“We had a great time at the Black Mall. It was great seeing old friends who have started businesses in the marketplace. Many thanks to the baltimore scene for a wonderful and well attended event!-love you Chin-Yer for allowing me to capture your experience to our body betters!”-vendor Bmore Natural

“I had a ball meeting greatness and vending. I’ll definitely be participating again”-Pawtastic

“We did it y’all! The No Sunshine is officially up and running. We enjoyed our time at The Baltimore Scene event. The Black Mall was all family, fun, and laughter. We SOLD OUT of our E-motion candles! and sold 50% of our t-shirts and hoodies.”-Blue (vendor)

“The Black Mall was extraordinary!”- Zabrina Harris

“Chin-yer continues to innovate, create, and motivate all of US. The Black Mall is a safe space where Black businesses met Black cash lol. The Community came OUT; the businesses owners were prepared! Everyone knew theasignment. This was an amazing experience and a needed experience. Check out @thebaltimorescene! Chin-Yer will continue to create-she can’t help herself lol” -Queen of Blak Boxx

“Hats off to Mama Chin-Yer for the consistency in manifesting these spaces for artists and creatives like me in Baltimore City! Shout Out to all the beautiful people who came out to support the events particpiating vendors and merchants despite the weather. I am so grateful for the safe spaces that I find in the hearts of genuine people with beautiful souls. My soul sistar’s parting hug was so warm, and genuine, and safe. I can’t wait until the next Black Mall to play my drum, dance and make connection see all my vending community friends and grab up some goodeis from these dope black artisans and merchants and just vybe with all the beautiful people in the space” -Afrindecentriqs Creations

Black owned businesses will have the opportunity to show case their business excellence from NEPA and surrounding areas.

Businesses will have their products on display for the public to shop and support, as well as businesses marketing their brands and services!

Business owners will have the opportunity as well to network amongst other businesses to gain knowledgeable insight on how to expand their business, market their brands, even possibly gain a new partner or two! And of course gain new customer base!

This event will give your business a chance to be seen by hundreds of new eyes giving your business a chance at expansion just by participating!

There is a business card only table that will be available for all businesses and events to market at this event with their business cards and/or flyers!

There are many ways you can support this event!

Please message Janieces Purses or email [email protected] to donate or become a sponsor.

All proceeds go to the event.

Disclaimer: Please note we are not a 501c(3) designated non-profit or organization. Any donations whether monetary or itemized cannot be declared as a charitable donation.


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